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A b o u t   L o n e   S t a r   A u c t i o n e e r s,   I n c.

The Officers and employees of Lone Star Auctioneers strive to attain the highest possible net return on assets to our clients in the highest ethical fashion. We work to maintain absolute integrity of assets and processes within the scope of each contract in all of our business practices. And we seek to provide responsive courteous service to our clients and the buying public.

Our clients deal personally with the C.E.O. and President of our firm. The three officers of the firm are the primary auctioneers and personally sell each auction. We have experienced, motivated and talented staff trained and cross-trained in all phases of the auction industry.

Lone Star Auctioneers is a certified woman-owned, woman-run small business headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Lone Star is a full-service firm providing a full range of auction services to all levels of government: city, county, state and federal. We have sold virtually every type of commodity for various government entities in cities around the U.S. We also provide turn-key auction services to financial institutions, commerce, and industry.

Lone Star sells all the jewelry, gold and silver, fine art, antiques and collectibles seized and forfeited nationally for the U.S. Marshals Service as well as forfeited vehicles locally in several USMS districts. In addition, we sell surplus vehicles, heavy equipment, and miscellaneous surplus for the State of Texas. We also sell have sold the unclaimed contents from safe deposit boxes for the states of Texas, California, Colorado and others. For city and county governments and school districts, Lone Star sells surplus vehicles and equipment, police pursuit vehicles, unclaimed property, impounded vehicles, seized vehicles, office equipment and furniture and much more.

LoneStar Trailer and TruckWe are small enough to provide personal attention to each client and yet large enough to handle complex contracts in a number of different states. Contracts with clients such as the State of Texas require three separate, simultaneous auction rings. The national U.S. Marshals Service Jewelry contract and Unclaimed Property auction contracts for Texas, California, Colorado and other states require auction staffing utilizing up to thirty (30) members of our regular staff.

Lone Star Auctioneers has been incorporated in the State of Texas since 1984 and has been specializing in governmental auctions since 1985. In that period of time we have performed over 4,000 successful auctions, selling over a quarter billion in assets. We have increased revenues for almost every client for whom we have ever worked. We currently conduct over 200 auctions per year on average, mostly for government clients.

Marilyn K. Burgess is our C.E.O./President and majority shareholder. Ed Lanford, Jr., C.O.O., is the minority shareholder. Together, they are the founders of Lone Star and own 100% of the company. Ms. Burgess' brother Bill is Vice President of the firm. The three officers and principal auctioneers of the firm have been trained auctioneers for over 95 years collectively.

LoneStar Team at the State of Texas Auction in AustinOur crews are all auction experienced, trained and cross-trained. Most members of our team have been with Lone Star for many years. We are well educated and come from a variety of backgrounds including finance, education, petroleum, manufacturing, equipment, agriculture, banking and government.

Our on-site auctions are fully computerized. This allows us to provide complete and accurate documentation and reconciliation to our clients immediately upon completion of each auction.

Lone Star Auctioneers has had 24/7 Online auctions running continuously since July 31, 2003. Our Online clients and auctions have increased steadily in number since that time, as have the range of types of items sold. Lone Star’s Online auction schedule has grown incrementally as different clients have explored the advantages, profitability and ease of Lone Star’s 24/7 Online auctions.

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M e e t   O u r   S t a f f
Marilyn Burgess

Marilyn K Burgess
Chief Executive Officer/President & Lead Auctioneer
TX Auctioneers Lic. No. 7878

Marilyn K. Burgess is majority shareholder and C.E.O./President of Lone Star Auctioneers. As such, she bears ultimate responsibility for policy and operational decisions. On an operational basis, she is responsible for fiscal management, administration, accounting, subcontract administration and personnel. She has been a licensed auctioneer since 1982 and is the Chief Auctioneer of the firm. Ms. Burgess has a B.S. in Communication and English from East Texas State University, an M.ED. in counseling and Student Personnel Services from the University of North Texas and 40 hours of Post-graduate work toward a doctorate in Business Administration and Higher Education at UNT. She has an impressive and extensive variety of seminar and continuing education credits. Burgess's work experience includes nine years as Coordinator for the Human Relations Department of the Fort Worth Independent School District where she supervised a department. Her experience in human relations and as a licensed professional counselor are valuable assets in dealing with the clients and customers.

Ed Lanford

Ed Lanford Jr.
Chief Operating Officer / Sales & Marketing and Lead Auctioneer
TX Auctioneers Lic. No. 7799

Ed Lanford, Jr., as C.O.O. and minority shareholder, is responsible for sale planning, public relations and marketing, advertising, information technology, security and estimating and proposals. He provides technical support to the financial, accounting and computer operations. He became a licensed auctioneer in 1981 and is one of Lone Star’s lead auctioneers. Lanford has a B.A. in Zoology from the University of Texas at Austin, attended the University of Houston pursuing a Master's degree in Physiology with plans to attend medical school thereafter. Having been drafted out of graduate school, he was assigned to assist in research at the U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency in Edgewood, Maryland. Upon discharge he undertook the two year M.B.A. program at the University of Texas Graduate School of Business . His other studies included Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, Texas Christian University and Tarrant County College.

Paula Hooper

Paula Hooper
Office Manager/ Project Manager for Internet Autions / Project Manager for Federal Vehicle Services Contracts; Auctioneer
TX Auctioneers Lic. No. 12299

Paula Hooper is Office Manager/Administrator for multiple city contracts and is Project Manager for our federal Vehicle Services contracts. She attended the Gregg School of Auctioneering in December 1985 and has been licensed as an auctioneer since that time. Hooper is a vital long-term member of Lone Star’s staff whose experience and expertise are exhibited in many aspects of the company’s business transactions. She works directly with clients for On-line sales. In this capacity Hooper promotes Lone Star’s services to potential clients and assists in the transition from live auction procedures to Internet auction procedures and requirements. Ms. Hooper has experience in accounting and banking. She is one of Lone Star’s primary on site computer operators and plays a vital part in all our WebCast and Online auctions. She has completed numerous hours of course work at Tarrant County College. Her project management skills and computer proficiency are exceptional.

karen Plunk

Karen Plunk
Advertising and Promotion Specialist / Manager for State unclaimed Property Contracts

Karen Plunk is responsible for all of Lone Star’s advertising and promotion on a local, state, national and international level. Karen draws on over ten (10) years experience in newspaper and print advertising and in the printing industry. She also does a significant portion of our digital photography and image manipulation. Having pursued an Associates Degree in Graphic Arts at Tarrant County College and having worked in the printing industry, she is conversant with all aspects of advertising and publication layout, design, and production.

Marci Caldwell

Marci Caldwell

Marci Caldwell is responsible for Lone Star’s accounting functions. She oversees the distribution of funds to our consignors and keeps accurate and current records of each auction. At live auctions, Caldwell performs multiple functions in the auction office, computer operator, cashier and registration. She has been with Lone Star since 2003.

Kathi Clark

Kathi Awtrey
IT Manager, Web Master, Internet Marketing and Online Auction Administrator

Kathi Clark is responsible for web page design and maintenance for all of our websites at, and She is an experienced Web/Network Administrator who brings not only ten years of knowledge and skill to the job, but also organization, reliability, and punctuality. With Clark on staff, Lone Star's website is more accessible and active than ever before. In addition, our website has more visits each month than at any other time in our history. Graduating with a double major, a B.A. in Communication with an emphasis in Advertising, as well as a B.F.A. in graphic design and photography from the University of Texas at Arlington, She is also responsible for compiling and manipulating the digital images for the video tape, CD and the digital image presentation which are used during live auctions. She has been with Lone Star since 2004.

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Sandra Perez
Accounting Adminstrative Assistant

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Eriburto Vasquez
IT Department

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James Ogunani
Photographer Adminstrative Assistant




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