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24/7 Online Only Auctions

A 24/7 Online Only Auction lets you bid online via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until each auction closes. It is an e-Bay like auction, but does not include live bidding as Webcast Online bidding does.

Online Auction Account activation takes 1 full business day. Please allow at least this amount of time to receive your activation email allowing you to bid. Please contact our office at 817.740.9400 to expedite the activation process if necessary.

Additional Information:
Our online auction system is set up to reflect a LIVE auction.

1. All auction items on our 24/7 system have dynamic closing, meaning if anyone places a bid during the Dynamic Closing window (within the last 5 minutes), then the end of the auction will be extended another 5 minutes to allow more bidding. The auction item will end if there are no bids placed in the final 5 minutes.

2. You cannot bid against yourself! If you have an auto bid on something, someone with a regular bid for the same amount can beat you out.  For example:  your current bid on an item is $25.00 and item is set up in $5.00 increments.  You have an auto bid in the system for $30.00.  The next person to bid will get the $30.00 bid.  Our advice to you is to place an auto bid into the system, but pay close attention at the last 5 minutes of the auction.  You can always go in and up your bid when dynamic closing takes over. All auctions will extend until bidding has completely stopped!

Webcast Auctions

Lone Star Auctioneers, Inc. currently uses Bidspotter.com for all of our Webcast Auctions.

A Webcast Auction enables a bidder to place bids on auction items from the comfort of their at home computer in real time against bidders attending a live auction.

Click here for more information on Webcast Auction registration and participation

It is recommended that you use a high speed internet access to participate in the online Webcast bidding. There will be a 2-step registration. First is a one time only registration with BidSpotter.com. Second is the registration for each Webcast auctions Lone Star Auctioneers, Inc. hosts on bidspotter.com. This usually requires a deposit and appropriate auction paperwork.

Click here to view all Upcoming Webcast Auctions from Lone Star Auctioneers, Inc.

Still unsure about Webcast Auctions?
Click here to view a demo of what a Webcast auction will look like

Brief Info of High Speed Internet Connection

Traditional Dial-up Connections:
The traditional dial up connection uses a modem to interpret analog signals from a telephone line into digital form. Its maximum connection speed is commonly known as 56Kb (kilo-bits, "b" = "bit", and "B" = "byte", where 8 bits = 1 Byte). Also, the federal regulation has placed a limit on the dial up connection speed to a limit of 53Kb in actually speed.

Connection-wise, this type of connection is not recommended for large amount of data transfer applications (i.e. internet conference, voice and video transmission, large file transfers, and web-cast). Another factor that will effect your connection is your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the ISP has full load of customer using the service which may result busy signal, or lost of connection.

High-Speed Internet Connection (DSL / Cable):
, which stands for Digital Subscriber Line, provides high-speed Internet Access using regular telephone lines. It has the ability to move data over the phone lines at speeds up to maximum of 6Mbps which is more then 100 times faster than the fastest analog modems available today (56,000 bits per second). However, many of the commercial / residential DSL services are available at 1.5Mb/s, which is at least 25 times faster then the traditional modem.

In addition to its very high speed, DSL differs from the dial-up connections that require analog modems to "dial-in" to the ISP every time the user wants to access to the Internet - DSL connections are always on. Another benefit is the ability to use the telephone at the same time you're accessing the Internet; you don't have to choose between the two.

ADSL works by splitting the phone line into two frequency ranges. This makes it possible to use the line for phone calls and data network access at the same time. It is called "asymmetric" because more bandwidth is reserved for receiving data than for sending data. Download speeds range from 256 Kilobits per second up to 8 Megabits per second, and upload speeds range from 16 to 640 Kilobits per second. This is useful because many users of the Internet receive much more data than they send.

Cable Modem, which uses the same coax cable that runs your TV viewing service. The normal speed of a cable internet access is at 6Mbps. The connection you will receive via a cable internet access varies depending on the service contracted as well as the numbers of clients that will share the entire "cabled community".

Cable internet access works by using its capability of carrying data within multi channels within the same line (just like switching channels) with a channel which is dedicated for the internet services.

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"Internet Auctions, A Guide for Buyers and Sellers, Federal Trade Commision (FTC)" at www.ftc.gov

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