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Dallas Fleet 071212 Banner
This auction is conducted by Lone Star Auctioneers, Inc. under a contract with the City of Dallas.

Sale Date:
Thursday, July 12, 2012

All sold by Visual Presentation

8200 W Jefferson Blvd
Dallas, TX 75211
Map and directions

From Dallas go West on I-30 to Loop 12, exit South to Jefferson Blvd. West, cross W. Davis to Jefferson Blvd., turn right. Go approx. 2 miles, turn left at signal on Hensley Field Dr go about 1 mile (last turn to right), turn right go thru double gates and cross runway to fleet area.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Between 7:00 am and 2:00 pm Weekdays by July 19, 2012. A storage fee of $25.00 a day will be charged to those who do not remove their items by this date.

Sales Tax:
Please note - 8.25% Sales Tax will be applied to all non titled vehicles, equipment or misc. lots unless a valid Tax ID is provided at registration.

There are 3 ways to bid on this auction
Bid Live In Person,
Absentee Online Bid OR Mail-In Absentee Bid

Important Notice:
Vehicles pictured online and in our catalog were take BEFORE light bars, decals, etc... were removed from the vehicles. These items are not included with the vehicle and will be removed by the preview date.

Pursuant to the Dallas City charter, All item that exceed $20,000 threshold requires the City of Dallas, City Council approval and will require the bidder to have a hold place on the item(s) purchased for approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to delivery. Pending city councils approval. Next City Council date is scheduled for August 8, 2012.


Live Auction participant info:

Terms of Payment:
Payment must be made in full at the end of the auction by either cash, cashier's check or check with an original bank letter of guarantee. All bank letters of guarantee MUST be on original bank letterhead, signed by your bank officer and MUST read:

Lone Star Auctioneers
4629 Mark IV Parkway
Fort Worth, Texas 76106-2295

"CUSTOMER NAME" is a customer of this bank. This bank will guarantee unqualified payment to the City of Dallas. on the account #_____ up to the amount of $_____. This letter expires July 26, 2012. No Stop payment will be issued.

(Expiration date must be so stated at a minimum, but may be increased to six months or a year, as one chooses.)


Auctioneer has absolutely no authority to accept checks without bank letter!

Sales Tax:
Texas State Sales tax of 8.25% will be collected from all taxable buyers taking possession of their purchases in Texas for all equipment and vehicles where titles are not available. Texas State Sales tax will be collected from ALL buyers who do not complete appropriate resale documentation upon registration for the auction and prior to making purchases.

Absentee Bidding on LoneStarOnline.com participant info:

Absentee Bidding on LoneStarOnline.com

Online Absentee High Bidder Notification:
The Successful Winning High Bidder on LoneStarOnline.com will be considered an ABSENTEE BID and act as the STARTING BID on the floor at the LIVE portion of the auction on Thursday, July 12, 2012. An email will be sent out on Friday, July 13, 2012 notifying the successful ABSENTEE BIDDER.

Acceptance of Terms:
All persons participating in online bidding agree to and accept all Terms and Conditions unequivocally and without exception. All participants hereby agree and accept that the State of Texas nor Lone Star Auctioneers, Inc. will be held responsible for any failure to execute any online bid on behalf of any participant(s) for any reason whatsoever. All bidders hereby acknowledge that they understand that if they place the high bid on any lot or lots in the LoneStarOnline.com portion of the auction they are not the winner of that lot or lots and that when they have made payment for their high bids those bids will be used as the starting bid in the live Webcast auction. If their bid prevails at the live Webcast auction, then they will be the winning bidder.

Other Important Info:
24/7 Online Bidding for this auction is being offered as a means to provide an ABSENTEE BID opportunity for those who may not be able to attend the live auction or participate in the webcast. The highest bid received for each lot in the 24/7 auction will become an ABSENTEE BID and will be used as the OPENING BID at the Live auction to be held on Thursday, July 12, 2012 in Dallas, Texas. This means the highest online bid is only a final sale when and if it is the highest final bid at the live auction. If no higher bids are received during the live auction, the 24/7 absentee bid will stand and becomes the FINAL winning bid. If, however, a higher bid is received at the live auction, the 24/7 absentee bidder will be unsuccessful and will have their pre-paid monies returned in full.

Based on our previous experience, we suggest that 24/7 bidders decide the maximum value of each lot to himself or herself and bid that amount. Lowball bids are very seldom successful in either 24/7 or live auctions. Important Note: Only the amount showing at the close of the Online Absentee bidding will be taken to the Live auction. It is pointless to use the AUTO BID feature, as we will not have access to this information.

Winner Notification:
Successful Online Absentee bidders from the live auction will be notified via email on Friday, July 13, 2012. All successful Online Absentee Bidders MUST sign and return the Terms & Conditions Form and Certification Form along with their Cashiers Check payment NO LATER THAN Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 5:00pm. Any bidder(s) who do not pay for their online purchases will not be allowed to register or participate in any future auctions conducted by Lone Star Auctioneers, Inc. Please call Lone Star Auctioneers with any questions or assistance you may need for bidding at the next State of Texas auction (800-275-3336).

Sales Tax:
Texas State Sales tax of 8.25% will be collected from all taxable buyers taking possession of their purchases in Texas for all equipment and vehicles where titles are not available. Texas State Sales tax will be collected from ALL buyers who do not complete appropriate resale documentation upon registration for the auction and prior to making purchases.


Auction List

Absentee Online Pre-Bidding on LoneStarOnline

Absentee Bid

"Internet Auctions, A Guide for Buyers and Sellers, Federal Trade Commision (FTC)" at www.ftc.gov

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