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Reunion Arena Auction

City of Dallas - Reunion Arena Sealed Bid Auction

Secure your piece of Reunion Arena History by submitting a Sealed Bid for specific SEASON TICKET SEATS TODAY!

Acceptance of Terms:
All persons participating in the Sealed Bid Auction agree to and accept all terms and conditions unequivocally and without exception. All participants hereby agree and accept that neither City of Dallas will be held responsible for any failure to execute a bid on behalf of any participant(s) for any reason whatsoever.

All persons desiring to submit a Sealed Bid for Reunion Arena Select Seating (Season Ticket Seating) are required to send a Cashier's Check for the full amount due made payable to City of Dallas. Payments must be mailed or delivered to: Lone Star Auctioneers, C/O REUNION ARENA SEATS, 4629 Mark IV Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76106-2295 along with the signed copy of the required Sealed Bid Form. Important Notice: Envelopes not marked with REUNION ARENA SEATS will be opened to determine what the contents are for, so please be sure to add this wording in the address field of the envelope!

WARNING: All select seating must be removed by the city’s specified vendor. A minimum charge of $50.00 per select seat will be accessed IN ADDITION to final bid price. This removal fee will be collected by the City (after your payment has been received by Lone Star Auctioneers).

Winner Notification:
Upon receipt, all sealed bids will be time / date stamped and remain unopened until September 24, 2008. September 24, 2008, Sealed bid will be opened and then sorted by the highest maximum bid amount. Highest bid amount per seat will get first choice. In the event of a tie bid, first choice of seat will be awarded to the person who has the earliest time / date stamp on their bid.

Applicable Sales Tax:
Texas State Sales tax of 8.25% will be collected from all taxable buyers taking possession of their purchases in Texas and who do not complete appropriate resale documentation upon registration for the auction and prior to making purchases.

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Sealed Bid Form

"Internet Auctions, A Guide for Buyers and Sellers, Federal Trade Commision (FTC)" at www.ftc.gov

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