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How do I bid on an item?
First you need to register. Live Auction registration is held during preview times that are usually 1 to 2 hours before the auction starts. To bid online, the 24/7 Online Auction Registration Form must be completed 48 hours before the auction item closes. Click here to register for our 24/7 Online Auction site. Once 24/7 Online registration has been approved, you can use the username and password for all online auctions on our 24/7 Online site.

How can I pay?
If you are a winning bidder at a Live Auction, all merchandise must be paid in full 30 minutes after the last item is sold by cash, cashier's check or money order. Personal or Company checks may be accepted with an original Bank Letter of Guarantee on file. Please see auction listing for further details. If you are the winning bidder on a 24/7 Online Auction, please wait until you receive your emailed invoice and follow the instructions as listed in the terms and conditions.

Who should cashier's checks be made payable to?
At a Live Auction, have them made out to yourself. If you buy something, you can endorse them to us. If not, you can redeposit them without any trouble. If you plan to bring cashier's checks, it might be wise to break up the amount you plan to bring into 3 or 4 checks of varying amounts. Your change will be given in cash. By doing this, you may avoid carrying cash & not need to receive a lot of cash in change. On a 24/7 Online Auction, please read the terms and conditions on the auction listing. Most are to be made payable to Lone Star Auctioneers, Inc. But, sometimes it should be made out to the Client who listed the item.

How much do things sell for?
There is no answer to this question. Sale price depends on the merchandise (car, truck, equipment, jewelry, etc...). Such things as condition, appeal and uniqueness all play a part. Also, the prices depend upon how badly two people at an auction want an item.

Are Non-residents allowed to bid at your auctions?
At Live Auctions, yes. As long as you have a government issued id for registration. But for 24/7 Online Auctions, no, UNLESS you have a valid US address for shipping to we will not be able to ship to you.

Is shipping available for items purchased at auction?
At Live Auctions, the buyer is responsible for removal of items by the removal date. We do not make any shipping arrangements unless otherwise stated. On 24/7 Online Auctions, please read the terms and conditions posted on the auction listing, sometimes shipping is available, sometimes not. If not, you will need to make arrangements to have items removed by the last removal date posted.

Is there a fee for attending an auction?
There is no fee for attending an auction, although some government entities may require a refundable deposit at registration.

Is there a warranty for any items purchased at an auction?
No. All merchandise is sold "As Is" "Where Is". There are no warranties, no guarantees. All sales are final.

Is there a minimum bid price on auction merchandise?
There is no minimum bid on most items. Our clients do reserve the right NOT to sell an item if they choose, though this practice is rare. For items which do have a minimum or reserve price at a Live Auction, the auctioneers will announce that there is a minimum. On a 24/7 Online Auction, you will see the text "(reserve not met)" next to the current price if a reserve has been placed on an item.

How do I find out how many miles are on a vehicle?
At a Live Auction, Odometers can be viewed during preview times before an auction begins. Preview times are posted approximately 2 weeks before an auction. We usually do not have this information ahead of time. On a 24/7 Online Auction, generally it is posted on the auction listing. On the rare occasion that it is not, please attend one of the preview times to view for yourself. These are usually posted on the auction listing as well.

Can I pay for my items when I'm finished bidding, or must I wait until the auction is over?
At a Live Auction, You may pay as soon as you're through bidding. For a 24/7 Online Auction, please wait until you receive your emailed invoice before sending payment. IF you do not receive an invoice within 12 hours of an auction closing, please contact the office to verify your email address.

Do you allow items to be purchased for resell?
Yes - All auction items are eligible for resell. However, you will be charged sales tax unless you provide a valid Sales Tax Permit Number when registering at both Live and 24/7 Online Auctions. For bidders with Sales Tax Permits outside the State of Texas, a copy must be provided and kept on file.



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