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City of Dallas Police Impounded Vehicle LIVE Auction

Dallas Auto Pound

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Auction Information

The City of Dallas Auto Pound will temporarily suspend the live portion of the auto pound auction beginning with the already advertised March 23rd, 2020 sale until further notice in an effort to help deter the potential spread of COVID-19.

Instead, weekly ONLINE auctions will be held through Lone Star Auctioneers at

Because crowds have the potential to spread this virus, the online auto pound will have NO PREVIEW, beginning with the March 23rd, 2020 auction. This means that nobody will be allowed to physically view the item prior to its sale. Instead, only photos of the vehicles will be provided.

We currently anticipate that the live auction will return sometime in the future. However, until that time please refer to this posting area, or the Lone Star website listed previously for the most current information regarding the Dallas Auto Pound auction status.

Here is a direct link to where the online items will be posted going forward:
City of Dallas - Impounded Vehicles

Thanks for your understanding,
Lone Star Auctioneers, Inc.


City of Dallas Auto Pound
1955 Vilbig
Dallas, Texas 75208
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8:00am - 10:30am
Must be 18 years of age & present a valid government issued picture ID (Driver's License, Passport or Military ID) to register for this auction. No one under 18 years of age will be allowed on the yard.

A buyer's premium of 5.5% will be collected at settlement from ALL WINNING BIDDERS for ALL INVOICES.

Inspection of vehicles:

Auction Start Times:


Auto pound is open each day from 7am - 11:59pm for removal of items. Items must be removed no later than 11:59pm the day following the auction. Items not removed by the deadline will assess a daily storage fee. Any items not removed by the following aution will be re-sold.

All auction vehicles sold must be removed from auto pound property by a licensed TxDOT wrecker.  No auction vehicle can be driven from the Auto Pound.

Terms and Conditions

All items are sold "AS IS" with no warranties. All sales are final.


Items being auctioned may be removed up until the time of sale.

Usually between 150 to 400 impounded and abandoned vehicles are auctioned off every other Monday.


Auction Lists:

Accepted Payment Methods:
Cash, Cashiers Checks OR Personal or Company Check (ONLY with original Bank Letter of Guarantee.)

Bank Letter MUST read:

"_____is a customer of this Bank. This Bank will guarantee unqualified payment to the City of Dallas on Acct. #_____ up to the amount of $ ____.

No "stop payment" will be issued regarding this transaction.

This letter expires on ____. (This date needs to be no less than 2 weeks from date of auction.)"

Full payment must be made no later than an hour after the final vehicle is sold.

Pursuant to the Dallas City Charter, all items that exceed $20,000 threshold requires the City of Dallas, City Council approval and will require the bidder to have a hold place on the item(s) purchased for approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to delivery (Pending city councils approval). In addition, the City of Dallas reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

The following persons shall not, directly or indirectly, submit a bid for, purchase, or acquire ownership of, personal property sold pursuant to the provisions of this article:
(1) City employees who work in the city manager's office or in the department designated by the city manager to enforce and administer this article.
(2) The person who determines that the property is surplus, obsolete, worn out, or useless.
(3) City officials, as defined in Paragraph 12A-2(24) of the Dallas City Code.
(4) Former city officials, as defined in Paragraph 12A-2(20) of the Dallas City Code, for one year after their term of office ends.
In addition to other penalties, a person who violates this section forfeits his employment. (Ord. Nos. 15519; 17672; 19312; 30391)


Map & Directions

Terms &


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